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Web Desing

  • Web the design is a process of making the website more visually appealing and user friendly through developing aesthetic factors such as layout, user interface and other visual imagery. Everything about the website, including its appearance, content and the way it works is determined by the web design. Most of web pages was was designed using HTML/ XHTML, CSS and dynamic PHP program languages.

  • Fly Web Team keeps up with new technologies and develops and adapts its methods in order to create outstanding web presentations. We offer high quality web design and web programming services at very affordable rates.

  • Web design usually comes as the first phase of the project. Therefore, it represents only a visual display of your future web site, which is to be fulfilled with quality content. Design of website needs to be modern, eye catching, and leave the best possible impression of your business.

  • Content of the website should be organized in a neat, legible and proper way in order to express you or your company in the best possible way.

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What is a good web design?

• Clear in such a manner that even a 10 year old feels comfortable using it

• Eye catching and visually appealing

• Navigation: make sure that taking action and browsing around the website should be easy, so users can find the info the need within three clicks.

• Fast loading: Time is precious, so why waste it on waiting for a website to load? Average user will not wait for longer than 8 seconds before moving on t the next site

• Well organized content: No one wants his website to become chaotic and messy and therefore harder to use

• Quality interesting content: content should keep visitor attention.

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